Aquatic Turtle Bites™

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Aquatic Turtle Bites

The color and flavor of this soft-moist food is specifically tailored to attract and stimulate the appetite of Aquatic Turtles.

Small BITE sized soft foods fortified with minerals & vitamins, protein & nutriceuticals.

Reptiles will actually eat our foods! Unlike most reptile foods on the market that need to be disguised by lettuce and vegetables, Nature Zone Bites can be fed right out of the box.  Although natural vegetables and fruits as well as feeder insects are always good to feed, it’s also good to have a prepared food full of vitamins and minerals, including Calcium.  When a reptile is held in captivity, extra care must be taken to keep them healthy. Nature Zone’s Bites are designed to mimic the natural tastes, colors and scents of the foods a specific animal would be attracted to in the wild.